Our newly refreshed platform brings new features to the Dartroom ecosystem, making our platform even more decentralised and safe for our creators and collectors.

We've developed our own in-house InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) storage access system, to make storage even safer on Dartroom.


Rather than relying on third parties to transfer your media to the IPFS, we've removed the middle man, and instead offer access directly through Fileroom. This gives our users more control, peace of mind, and another step towards the decentralised systems we are aiming for at Dartroom.

What else?

  • Improved performance
  • Higher file size limits
  • Full insights into usage
  • Use with or independently of Dartroom


We're on a quest to remove the question mark lingering above most storage solutions on the blockchain. Which is why we're developing a system for you to access your media directly from the IPFS network, without any middlemen, through Fileroom.

Used alongside or independently of Dartroom, we will be developing a desktop application which will make it a breeze to manage and contribute to the media storage of your Algorand NFTs.

We really do strive for deeply decentralised systems. Which is why we control our own access to the Algorand network.

Noderoom hosts a global cluster of several Algorand nodes and indexers that provides bespoke blockchain access for Dartroom. Essentially, we interact directly with Algorand using our own nodes, nobody else's, so we're not relying on third parties.

We also develop open-source tools and programs under Noderoom. These vary from node infrastructure improvements to fully featured smart-contract packages and Algorand network discovery tools.


We aim to build a fully decentralised base for Dartroom's on-chain activity and have its legacy extend past Dartroom. This means that all smart contracts deployed by Dartroom are fully discoverable on-chain and can be interacted with even if Dartroom is offline.

We'll be releasing a Noderoom app which allows you to deploy and interact with Dartroom contracts with just a connection to an Algorand node and Indexer. The benefit of this approach is that even if Dartroom disappears, the functionality stays.